Sustainable Development

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities nationwide.  New developments are appearing left and right.  As a city of working people, we must make sure that developments take into account the needs of San Antonio residents first and protect our environment.  We must make sure that our tax dollars are not used unwisely on projects that do not benefit our residents or communities.

We must make San Antonio a city of, by, and for the people — not for special interests.
— Robert Feria

Economic Justice

Our wonderful city has thrived thanks to the working people who made this city what it is. I believe all work has dignity, regardless of the fact if you went to graduate school or didn't even graduate high school. You don't need a degree from Harvard or Yale to know that working people need a living wage increase.  Working people deserve respect and living wages. Period. From attorneys to custodians, everyone should make enough to be able to provide for their family. I promise to fight for economic justice and help our communities demand the raise in wages the people of this city so desperately need.

All work deserves respect and a living wage — period.
— Robert Feria

Equal Rights

San Antonio has been a city of diverse peoples and cultures and we must respect and protect that heritage.  This city should be of, by, and for the people -- and that means all of the people.  Right now that simple notion is under attack.  I promise to make sure all people in this city are protected equally under our law.

Let’s make San Antonio a city accountable to its people!
— Robert Feria

Home prices and property taxes are increasing while working peoples' wages are not. That means people are being priced out of their neighborhoods where they and their families have often lived for generations. I believe the working people of San Antonio who made this city should not be priced out of their homes. I promise to not only work to address this at city council, but to help communities organize to keep their homes and neighborhoods affordable and accessible.

Displacing of Residents in District 1

Too many decisions at city hall are being made behind closed doors. Our current councilmember does not put up a fight and does not disclose what is happening behind these doors.  I promise to be open, accessible, and transparent.  I promise to advocate changing our city hall culture so that regular citizens have better access to their government and what it does in their name and with their tax dollars.


Transparency in our Government

Public Transit for the Public Good

San Antonio is growing and traffic is worsening. The answer for any large city has been efficient public transit that serves the needs of the working people. So why are we still not funding VIA? Why does it take several hours to go only a few miles?  As councilman, I pledge to fully fund VIA and explore and support more cutting-edge public transportation that serves the needs of our communities.